This website is being developed as my thesis project in data visualization together with Michele Mauri as my supervisor. It's an interactive map that helps the user to discover the botanical geography of the territory of Bergamo. The data were collected by a botanical association called F.A.B. (Flora Aplina Bergamasca) as a ten years long research on the vegetation of the territory, and was published in a book , (that's how i found out their research).

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Data were given me by F.A.B. association in form of two different xls files, one was for gps coordinates (WGS84) of each specie (approximately 50k reports), and the other file had specific information for each specie:family, biological type, chorotype etc. Dataset cleaning and geographic coordinates conversions were made using OpenRefine, first visualizations were made using Qgis. Map design and further interactions and visualizations are made with Mapbox Gl API. The connection with Actaplantarum forum, used to visualize images of each specie, was done by scraping pictures' URLs with a Python script and were then added to the dataset. Since it's an ongoing project i'm still trying different solutions to technical and graphical problems, i'm experimenting with other frameworks like Kepler GL,Deck GL, and d3.js.