This project was developed during Interaction design course at Politecnico di Milano with Prof. Gianluca Brugnoli. My team was composed by Francesca Morini and Chiara di Michele. I designed the interface and the interactive prototype.

Viavai is a navigator app especially designed for cyclists. It indicates different types of paths according to the user's needs and it is updated in real time thanks to the match with a smart device. Different paths are provided in order of safeness, considering traffic and state of the pavement. Users can also report holes on the streets using the smart device we designed.

The prototype of the device was made with arduino. It's a vibration sensor connected to the smartphone via bluethoot. It recognize the type of pavement thanks to analysis of the pattern of vibration, in this way it's able to create a map of pavementation of the city, this helps the app to suggest the user a safer road in the future. The ciclyst can also report a hole in the ground pressing the button on the device. (In case you are wondering: yes, it was tested on a skateboard)

Some of the illustrations Francesca made for explaining the user journey.
If you want to see me riding my beautiful bike watch this video of the user journey.